Clay Models

One of the methods I used to create my forming molds was to use plasticine clay. it is an oil based clay that does not dry out over time. It is fairly easy to work with for most of the armor parts. The drawback to using clay for the molds is that they can not stand up to the heat of the vacuforming process and must be cast in plaster before they can be vacuformed. Here are some pictures of some of my clay models.

These Were the first clay models that I sculpted. These are the hand armor pieces that will be attached to the gloves.  
This is my first draft of the calf model. I casted this and did not like the results and I have since created a new clay model for this piece.
These are the Shoulder and Bicep models. These were some of my best clay models so far. The shoulder is a little bumpy, but I can fix that with some bondo once I cast it in plaster.
I am preparing to cast the front side of this calf. I have seperated the mold into two halves by pressing some pieces of scrap styrene into the clay model.


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Jim Connolly
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