Creating Wood Molds.

After quite a bit of trial and error, I had determined that the easiest and most cost effective way of producing molds was to build them out of wood. Building Wood Molds is a one step process compared to the three step process of the plaster molds.

Wall Murals



Materials Needed:


Step 1 Cut your MDF planks to an approximate size using a jig saw.    Wall Murals
Step 2 Glue enough of those cut planks together to make the piece deep enough for the costume. The image to the right was used for my costumes cod piece.  
Step 3 Glue on any detail or raised areas. This will be easier than trying to carve the detail later.  
Step 4 Start shaping the piece using a hammer and wood chisel. This is the easiest way to remove a lot of material quickly.

Once you have removed some material, try sanding it smooth. You may need to revert back to the chisel to take more material off.
Step 5 Sand down your piece to it's final shape. If you realize that you have removed too much material, don't worry, you can always mix up a batch of Bondo to remplace material where necessary. Bondo can also be used to create additional detail. I used a lot of it here on the lower end of my costumes cod piece armor mold.  
Step 6 Once you wood mold is shaped, you can add a coat or two of wood primer to protect it.  


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Jim Connolly
Charlotte, NC