Completed Armor

Here is a collection of pictures of my completed unassembled armor pieced that I formed out of polystyrene.

This is a picture of the Utility Belt fresh off the vacuum form table.   These are a variety of pieces still on the forming table.
Hand Armor   Lower back Armor
Another picture of the lower back armor   Bicep and Shoulder Armor. The Shoulder still looks a little bumpy, but I will fix that with some bondo.
Hand Armor, Utility Belt, and Side Utility Boxes.   Left Knee Plate
Butt Armor   Butt Armor and Lower Back Armor.
Back of Right and Left Thigh   Front of left Thigh and Right Knee Battery Pack
Front of Right Thigh   Chest. I think I might need to redo this one. I lost suction and it didn't pull all of the details in the center of the chest.
Front and Back of the Calf   One Days Worth of Vacuforming.
Upper Back Armor Fresh on the Forming Table   Assembles Forearm Armor Pieces
Rivited Abdomen and Cod Piece    


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Jim Connolly
Charlotte, NC