Plaster Molds

Here is a collection of pictures of my plaster molds. These molds are very durable and should last through multiple formings.

Negative Mold of Hand Armor   I just poured the plaster into the negative mold for the hand armor
Negative Molds for the Shoulder Straps, and Knee Power Pack.   Casting a negative mold for the back of the bicep
Casting the Shoulder Armor   Negative Mold for front of the Bicep
Poured Plaster in the negative mold of the front of the calf.   Assorted Negatve and Positive molds.
Positive hand armor molds   Positive mold of back of calf
Negative Mold of Shoulder   Negative Mold of front of bicep
Negative Mold of back of bicep   Poured plaster into negative molds of both sides of the bicep. The piece on the far left is a test mold that I used to test a new release agent.
Poured plaster into negative mold of shoulder   Preparing to pour negative molds for both sides of the calf. This is my second attempt of the calf.
Completed Positive molds of the Shoulder and both bicep pieces.   Negative mold drying on front of thigh.


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Jim Connolly
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