Building a Vacuum Form Table
Holding Frame

The Holding frame will be used to hold the polystyrene during the heating and forming processes. The sizes described in this tutorial were based on measurements of my kitchen oven. You will need to adjust the dimensions according to the size of your oven.


Cut Oak strips to size to create two identical rectangles that will fit into the dimensions of your oven. My frame is 22.5" X 17.75"

  • 4 Strips 17.75"
  • 4 Strips 19.25"
  • 1 Strip 14.00"


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  Attach Wood Strips Together Using the Metal Brackets and 1/2 " Wood Screws. Predrill holes in the wood and add a drop of wood glue into each hole before attaching brackets.
  Attach the 14" strip of wood to the long end of one of the frames. This will be used to accomodate the Clasps that will hold the frame closed.  
  Connect the two frames together using two cabinet hinges. Make sure that the 14" Piece of wood will close on the outside of the frame.  
  Attach the Clasps to the open end of the frame. Don't let the clasps hang down off the bottom of the frame. This can cause problems getting a tight seal on the forming table.  
  Add Rubber Weather Stripping to the inside of the frame. This will help to hold the plastic in place and will eliminate the need to tape the plastic down each time you form a piece. This can be attached using a staplegun.

  Hammer in two finishing nails in halfway on either side of the frame. These will be used to secure the frame in your oven. The nails will rest on the rails inside of your oven.  
  You now have the ability to heat your polystyrene in your oven. Next step is to create the Forming Surface of the Vacuum Form Table.


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