Storm trooper Armor Model Technical Plans


This was a fun part to build. It has so much detail and is instantly recognizable as a part of a Star Wars Storm trooper character. The additional detail in this piece does create some difficulty during the vacuforming process.




Length: 40 cm.
Width: 29 cm.
Height: 16 cm.

Sculpting Material:

MDF Wood

Technical Diagrams:







Special Sculpting Techniques: Start by creating an arch structure using progressively smaller pieces of MDF wood. Leave the top flat enough to add some of the detail requiered for this piece. I created most of the details using square dowel rods and slices of large cylindrical dowel rods. You may need to drill some small air holes through this model before vacuforming it to allow air to escape. Both of the small rectangle structures shown on the plan should be elevated by about 0.5 cm.



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Jim Connolly
Charlotte, NC