Stormtrooper Armor Model Technical Plans


The Calfs are some of the most difficult parts to create for this costume. The difficulty lies in trying to get a piece that looks right that covers enough of the black undersuit, but still allows plenty of free movement. This will vary depending on your body size. It took me three attempts at these four pieces of armor. I also took a bit of a short-cut and used the same models for both the left and right sides of my costume.




Length: 38 cm.
Width: 11 - 17 cm.
Height: 11 - 14 cm.

Sculpting Material:

MDF Wood

Technical Diagrams:






Special Sculpting Techniques: Start off with a large rectangle block and begin to remove material until you get to a desired shape. I added the final detail using globs and globs of bondo. This bondo stuff is truely the greatest product I have come across in my entire career of building costumes. Actually building costumes is just a hobby, but this stuff is still amazing. The back part of the calf should be built very similarly to the front half and should also include the detail line strip up the back. The back pice should only measure about 29 cm or less. You need to leave room for your knees to bend.

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