Stormtrooper Armor Model Technical Plans

Cod Piece

This piece should have similar dimensions to the abdomen. It will later be riveted to the abdomen. Try not to make the fit on this one too tight, it could be painful to move if your body parts are getting pinched between the cod piece and the thigh pieces.




Length: 40 cm.
Width: 29 cm.
Height: 16 cm.

Sculpting Material:

MDF Wood

Technical Diagrams:




Special Sculpting Techniques: Start by creating an arch structure using progressively smaller pieces of MDF wood. Leave the top flat enough to add the detail wide strip of wood. Once you carved the bottom crotch area down to an aproximate shape, use Bondo to build up material to create the large impression of stormtrooper manhood. After sanding, apply more Bondo to fill in any imperfections. It might take a few iterations of sanding and applying more bondo to get this perfect.



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Jim Connolly
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