Stormtrooper Armor Model Technical Plans


This piece of armor is the most difficult piece of armor to construct. It is important to leave yourself enough room for free movement. I used posterboard to construct prototypes of this piece to get the measurements as close as possible to my body size.




Length: 27 - 35 cm.
Width: 17 - 23 cm.
Height: 12 cm.

Sculpting Material:

MDF Wood

Technical Diagrams:






Special Sculpting Techniques: This piece is most easily built using MDF. You should start by creating a cylindrical shape and then removing material from there. The detail ridges can be added using Bondo. When creating the back half of this piece, remember to leave plenty of room for your knee to bend. You should only have about 20 cm. of material on the shortest part of the back of the leg. from the top to the bottom of the cylindar.




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Jim Connolly
Charlotte, NC