Stormtrooper Armor Model Technical Plans

Upper Back

This was one of the most difficult models to create and form. Due to it's size, it barely fit within the frame of my homemade vacuforming machine.




Length: 48 cm.
Width: 38 cm.
Height: 15 cm.

Sculpting Material:

MDF Wood

Technical Diagrams:






Special Sculpting Techniques: Start by creating an arch structure using progressively smaller pieces of MDF wood. Leave the top flat enough to add the detail. When I built this piece I added the detail rectangle before chipping away at the wood. This was a challenging piece to create. I used a router to create the recess in the detail rectangle. I used seperate blocks of MDF to create the rectangel detail pieces. The cirle was probably the most difficult, but I used a circle tool that came with my dremel tool to create an exact circle.




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Jim Connolly
Charlotte, NC